Our story

In 1995, in Novo Horizonte SP, Villagio was born , a pioneer in the production of dried tomatoes in Brazil.

In these 25 years it has become the largest producer of gourmet antipasti. With the region’s abundant and diversified agricultural production, it uses very Brazilian products such as okra and Jiló, in addition to the usual ones such as tomatoes, zucchini, eggplants, peppers and onions in various preparations.

We serve food service companies with the Villagio line in 1250 kg packages and retail with the ANTIPASTI line with 300g trays.

In 2020 we launched the organic ANTIPASTI line with IBD certification.

Respect for the environment and concern for sustainable development guide our production practices, relationships with employees and suppliers, in addition to the destination of solid waste.

All solid waste from production is segregated and destined for recycling, animal nutrition and composting.

We have the EURECICLO seal with 100% compensation for packaging launched on the market, complying with the reverse logistics law.

All of our suppliers are from the region, small producers who supply us with very fresh products, in addition to fostering the local economy.

Our purpose is to continue feeding with quality and responsibility, offering delicious products produced with respect to the planet, people and animals.